Tuesday, January 27, 2009

nciku.com - Chinese Character Animations

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It would be great to be able to add character animations here now and then, so I am now testing those available at nciku.com (the best Chinese/Mandarin dictionary).

Well... It didn't work. I am pretty sure these animations are not Made At nciku, so I will hopefully find an alternative source. ...

Update 09-02-02

I have still not managed to find those animations I think I've seen somewhere, but on the other hand I found a way to show the animations here, if the people at nciku.com think it is OK.

end of update

In the meantime a GIF animation from this page. Not a bad alternative, really.
Testing something more advanced from eStroke

Too "advanced", too big, too many Google ads....

The reason for picking this particular character is that I tend to forget the stroke order all the time. If you want to get 5 new characters to practice every day, follow the nciku blog. Here is a permanent link to the very first five characters.


  1. That's the stroke order I usually write, but there are lots of variations -- see this post on Sinosplice:


  2. Thanks, Nick

    Yes, there is some confusion re stroke order, but on the other hand it's not something that should surprise us.

    As John the Pod notices on his page you link to, the Japanese stroke order is quite different and that's the one I learned, or to be more precise: tried to remember :-)

    Variable Stroke Order in Chinese Characters

    Bur regarding 心 as the radical, Wenlin suggests otherwise:

    "Originally, 必 had nothing to do with 心 xīn 'heart':
    "From 弋 (arrow used as) tally, signific and 八 bā phonetic" --Karlgren."


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